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Wanna Build Rockets?

Jump right in!

Here at BYU Rocketry we welcome students from any major and any level of experience of rocketry. There are countless members that are more than willing to help guide and teach you how to build rockets. Building a rocket and seeing it fly is what gives us joy, and we hope you get to experience that excitement!

Each semester we hold competitions between students. The first is the Student Launch competition held in the fall. It’s a wonderful way to learn the basics of rocketry. The Advanced Student Launch competition allows teams to compete against each other to get to 5,000ft.

Both of these competitions adequately prepare members for when they want to certify with NAR or Tripoli (the two national rocketry organizations). Certifying allows members to have a clearance to buy and launch certain size motors. Certifying will also help you in your efforts to join one of our teams (like High-Power).

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Student Launch Competition

A great way to kickstart into the club! Learn the basics of rocketry as you compete against other students by building and launching small rockets!

SEPT - NOV 2023

Level 1 Certifications

The first NAR/Tripoli certification. This is a good first step to improve your rocket building skills.

Advanced Student Launch Competition

Join a team of 3-4 members to compete against other teams to get a close to 5,000ft as possible!

JANUARY 2024 - MARCH 2024

Level 2 Certifications

Build a rocket for a NAR/Tripoli certification and further master your rocketry skills.