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High-Power Rocketry

Rocketry is our passion. From record-breaking alka-seltzer rockets to towering 10-foot rockets, we aim to be the best in what we do. From entry-level student competitions to the IREC Spaceport America Cup competitions, there is room for members of any skill to enjoy rocketry.

Hands-On Experience

We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible to help our members learn both engineering design and manufacturing processes. Whether it be rocket modeling or creating composite airframes. Our advanced teams provide further experience of working on a team and working on more complex processes.

Connect with Us

We place a high priority on preparing our members to enter the aerospace industry. This includes giving lab tours to companies and when possible doing facility tours. We are always happy to facilitate networking opportunities and provide opportunities to support the next generation of engineers.

How BYU Rocketry helped me land my career

Anya Jeppson - Northrop Grumman

BYU Rocketry gave me the skills and confidence to get my first internship! I interned at Northrop Grumman, and I know having rocketry experience on my resume was what set me apart. Being a member of this club has been my favorite part of my experience as a BYU student, and it continues to provide me with incredible opportunities.

Brennen Dover - General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems

Joining BYU Rocketry has been easily the best decision I could have made during my college career. It helped me develop a passion for my major, mechanical engineering, and a way to develop and strengthen my skills as an engineer. My involvement in the club on the junior high-power team, high-power team, and airbrake capstone team has enriched my experience to be able to get an internship and now a full-time position at General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems in Dallas.

Mark Sweeney - HyPerComp Engineering

BYU Rocketry was a big part of my time at BYU. It gave me opportunities to work on new and challenging projects outside of class. My GPA wasn’t as high as a lot of other students, so I worried I would have a hard time finding a job in the aerospace industry. When I applied for internships the summer before my senior year, I was invited to interview at a lot of companies. At each of these, the prospective employers were much more interested in discussing my BYU Rocketry projects than with anything I did in normal classes. I ended up with several internship offers! I strongly believe that my experiences in the club were a big part of that. Everyone you compete against in job interviews has gone to class, to stand out you need project experience outside of class. I chose HyPerComp Engineering from my list of offers. HyPerComp has been an exciting aerospace company to work for, as we are a COPV supplier for several well-known rocket companies. It is exciting to be involved in projects across the industry. After my internship, I was offered a full-time position for after graduation and I accepted the offer.

Riley Creer - Solar Turbines

My 3 years as a member of BYU Rocketry helped me get into one of the best graduate research labs in the country for gas-turbine engines. It was an excellent way to get my first engineering project experience as an underclassmen. Through the club I made friends that I still see years after graduating. Aside from the chocolate milk, BYU Rocketry was my favorite part of BYU.

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