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Official Statement about Experimental Motors and Fuel

BYU Rocketry is dedicated to the safety of our students. For that reason we highly discourage the creation of experimental motors and fuel in our club. Without the proper safety protocols and equipment it can prove disastrous to both people and property.

The recent incident involving the explosion of rocket fuel in a BYU residence was not related to our organization, and we are taking additional measures to ensure our members understand the dangers imposed by improper motor experimentation.

Important Dates

March 19 - UROC Launch (first opportunity to launch L1 rockets)

April 16 - UROC Launch (second opportunity to launch L1 rockets)

High-Power Rocketry

Rocketry is our passion. From record breaking alka-seltzer rockets to towering 10 foot rocket, we aim to be the best in what we do. From entry-level student competitions to the IREC Spaceport America Cup competitions, there is room for members of any skill to enjoy rocketry.

Hands-On Experience

We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible to help our members learn both engineering design and manufacturing processes. Whether it be rocket modeling or creating composite airframes. Our advanced teams provide further experience of working on a team and working on more complex processes.

Make Connections

We place a high priority on preparing our members to enter the aerospace industry, which means our members get to connect with companies like General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, Boeing, and more.

Sponsoring Organizations