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Student Launch Competition
2021 Student Launch Competition
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OCTOBER 20 @ 6PM IN EB 321

Come with your polished OpenRocket models to have a final review before buying and building your rockets! You must pass your critical design reviews in order to launch! So please come!

Competition Guidelines:

  • Teams of 3-4
  • Winners based on build quality, design, and proximity to 1700ft apogee
  • Launch is set for November 13, 2021

Student Launch Competition Launch Day

8 AM-2 PM
November 13, 2021
Map Coordinates: 40.217562, -112.246048
Come with your rocket ready to fly! You must have your Critical Design Review done in order to launch!

The annual student launch competition is BYU Rocketry's "introduction to rocketry." No prior knowledge of rockets is needed to participate. As a club we teach everything there is to know about building and launching rockets all along the way. This competition is comprised of teams of 3-4 making moderately small rockets (2-4ft in length) with the goal to learn the basics.

General Competition Rules/Objectives

  • Reach as close to 1700 feet as possible
  • Successfully recover rocket
  • Teams of 3-4 members
  • All teams use a G74W commercial motor
  • All teams must pass a preliminary design review as well as a critical design review prior to launch
Typical Competition Timeline

Week 1: Kickoff Meeting
Week 2: Rocket Design Tutorial Pt 1
Week 3: Rocket Design Tutorial Pt 2
Week 4: Preliminary Design Review - The leadership will look over rocket and give suggestions and help groups.
Week 5: Critical Design Review - Leadership will have a final look over OpenRocket models and plans for assembly to ensure safety of rocket and feasibility of building the rocket
Week 6: Build Days
Week 7: Build Days
Week 8: Flight Readiness Review - Leadership will look over completed rockets to ensure safe flight.
Week 9: Launch Day

The student launch competition started with only a handful of teams. Little by little BYU Rocketry grew and so did the competition! We aim to host this competition every year to help introduce new members to building rockets. Due to COVID we sadly had to cancel the 2020 student launch competition.

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