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Level 2 Certifications

The journey continues...

After getting your Level 1 Certification and participating in the Advanced Student Launch competition, you’re ready to certify for your Level 2! Getting your L2 will allow you to fly even more powerful motors.

What do I need to do?

Getting your L2 is very similar to getting your L1, you need to successfully launch and recover your own rocket using a J or K class motor. You will also need to pass a small test administered by Tripoli or NAR. Dual deployment is not needed for certification, but it is recommended to help your learn and these rockets tend to launch to 5000ft and higher, so dual deployment will make it easier to find.

What's next?

From here we encourage you to join a team and contribute your talents and acquired skills! If you’re feeling ambitious enough you can even go for your Level 3 Certification!