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The Junior High-Power Team (JHPT) is a mock team of the High-Power Team that competes in the Spaceport America Cup. The rocket is aimed at achieving an apogee of 10,000ft, holding a 4kg payload, just like the HPT does for the Spaceport America Cup. The JHPT provides students with experience with high-power rockets and aerospace industry practices through hands-on design and manufacturing. The goal is for members of this team to be well seasoned and fully prepared to compete at Spaceport America in the High-Power Team.

Team Structure

  • Team Lead (1)
    • Responsible for leading team to meet project vision and goals
    • Receives recommendations and requirements from club presidency, SA Cup
    • Organizes team and directs work
    • Helps coordinate design decisions affecting multiple sub-teams
  • Structures Sub-Team (3)
    • Structures Lead (1)
    • Structures Support Engineers (2)
    • Tasked with the physical structure of the rocket
  • Guidance, Navigation, Control (GNC) Sub-Team (3)
    • GNC Lead (1)
    • GNC Support Engineers (2)
    • Tasked with data collection and recovery systems of the rocket
  • Payload Team (3)
    • Payload Lead (1)
    • Payload Support Engineers (2)
    • Tasked with designing and constructing the payload of the rocket

For more detailed information and documentation for this team please refer to theMEPS handbook section for Junior High-Power Team.

If you'd like to apply to the team:

Applications open in July each year.

  • Must be active in the club for at least one year.
  • Must have minimum a Level 1 Certification with either NAR or Tripoli.
  • Must be able to dedicate 3-6 hours a week during the fall and winter semesters to the team.

2023 - "H.A.W.T. Wings"

Team Members

(Left to Right)
David Andelin (Capstone)*, Riley Brown (Club VP)*, Zac Lyman (GNC Engineer), Wyatt Whitmer (GNC Lead), Casey Gooch (Payload Lead), Nik Mohsen-Crellin (Payload Engineer), Tyson Butterfield (Team Lead), Jacob Rolfs (GNC Engineer), Haylee Sevy (Structures Lead), Max (Structures Engineer), Jonathon Davis (Payload Engineer), Courtney Payne (Structures Engineer)

*pictured but not members of JHPT
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2022 - "Moab"

Team Members

(Left to right)
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Picture 54.JPG
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2021 - "Cosmonaut"

Team Members

(Left to right)
Greg Hill (GNC), Brennen Dover (Structures Lead), Brandon Sutherland (Payload), Dunstan Chi (Payload), Brayden Smith (GNC), Derrick Walker (GNC Lead), Josh Halliday (Structures), Jayson Davis (Structures), Dallin Cordon (Team Lead)
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Cosmonaut - Team Photo
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2019 - "Tachyon"

2018 - "Quasar"