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Current Team
Previous Years

2022-2023 Team

This team will be the seventh team to participate in the Spaceport America Cup in Las Cruces, New Mexico. They will be competing in the 10,000ft Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Category.

Team Members

Team Lead - Derrick Walker
Systems Engineer - Riley Brown
Structures Team Lead - Anya Jeppson
Structures Engineers - Blake Jensen, Nathan Butler
GNC Team Lead - Aidan Rice
GNC Engineers - Alexander Potter, Joshua Taylor
Payload Team Lead - William Hart
Payload Engineers - Scott Tuley, Brad Hornfischer

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The High Power Team (HPT) is BYU Rocketry’s IREC competition team and represents the end of the association’s timeline for students. The HPT provides students experience with high power rockets and aerospace industry practices through hands-on design and manufacturing. The HPT also exposes members to major aerospace companies at the SA Cup and brings notoriety to the club, helping encourage more students to participate in BYU Rocketry.

Team Structure

  • Team Lead (1)
    • Responsible for leading team to meet project vision and goals
    • Receives recommendations and requirements from club presidency, SA Cup
    • Organizes team and directs work
    • Helps coordinate design decisions affecting multiple sub teams
  • Structures Sub-Team (3)
    • Structures Lead (1)
    • Structures Support Engineers (2)
    • Tasked with the physical structure of the rocket
  • Guidance, Navigation, Control (GNC) Sub-Team (3)
    • GNC Lead (1)
    • GNC Support Engineers (2)
    • Tasked with data collection and recovery systems of rocket
  • Payload Team (3)
    • Payload Lead (1)
    • Payload Support Engineers (2)
    • Tasked with designing and constructing the payload of the rocket

For more detailed information and documentation for this team please refer to the MEPS handbook section for High-Power Team

If you'd like to apply to the team:

Applications open early August each year.

2022 - "MAVERICK"


Ranked 11th Place out of 46 in the 10K COTS Category, and received 2nd Place for the Barrowman Award and Sportsmanship Award.

The first team to participate in the Spaceport America Cup in two years. The team's rocket, Maverick flew a textbook flight, reaching an apogee of 10,432ft. Despite being over the competition's goal of 10,000ft, the actual flight was very close to the simulated apogee of 10,470ft. Maverick carried an anti-sloshing payload, featuring a machining-learning module to prevent sloshing in a water tank within the payload. The rocket had a test flight at Tripoli Idaho reaching 10,676ft with a successful recovery.

The team was awarded runner-up for the Sportsmanship Award at Spaceport America Cup.

Team Members

(Left to right)
Blake Jensen (GNC), Brayden Smith (Payload Lead), Cayden Boll (GNC), Derrick Walker (GNC Lead), Riley Brown (Structures), Scott Tuley (Structures Lead), Brennen Dover (Structures)
Team Lead: Matthew Fisher

2021 - "Sundance"

The 2020 rocket, named K-4 Cosmo was scrubbed due to the COVID-19 pandemic we all know. In 2021 the already acquired materials for K-4 Cosmo were utilized into making Sundance, BYU Rocketry's rocket for the 2021 Spaceport America Cup. The 2021 SA Cup was to be done virtually, and unfortunately, due to issues of needing a NAR/Tripoli level 3 certification flyer, Sundance did not launch. Despite not launching, Sundance placed 22nd out of 36 universities in the event. Sundance remains on display in our lab with its beautiful blue paint job.

Sundance featured a reaction wheel control payload that was intended for competition in the SDL payload challenge in the SA Cup. The rocket also was intended to house the first rocketry BYU Capstone project, an air brake system.

Team Members

(Left to right)
Mark Sweeney, Ryan Thibaudeau, Josh Ross, Adam Dunford, Natasha Wilson, Ryan Merrell, Alexa Lindberg
(Not in photo)
Alex Jordan, Harris Rothaermel
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2019 - "Photon"

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2018 - "Wasatch 1"

2017 - "Kevin"

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