Where does the BYU Rocketry Club launch rockets?

The BYU Rocketry Club launches rockets with the Utah Rocket Club (UROC) in Utah, or with the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) in New Mexico. These organizations put safety procedures in place to ensure launches are safe and fun.

Launch dates and info for members and spectators is found below.

Info For Members

Club launches occur once during the Fall Semester and once during the Winter Semester. Additional launches occur over the Spring and Summer months for those students still in Provo.

Come to all launches prepared with tools, spare epoxy, and any other item you may need at the last minute. Bring sunscreen, water, a hat, and closed-toe shoes. Launches during the Fall Semester in October or November can be cold, so a jacket is recommended.

Info For Spectators

Spectators, including prospective club members, BYU faculty, friends, and family, are welcome to attend launches.

Spectators are expected to follow all UROC range safety rules. While club members are preparing their rocket projects prior to launch, they will use club tables and work surfaces. Spectators should stay clear of these areas to allow BYU Rocketry students adequate space to work.